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Dec 9, 2013 2:00pm EST
difficult when i got started because i had not educated myself enough on the world of bitcoin, but also partially because i was not willing to let go of certain details, like my bank account each else, my social security number. i did not want to add credit cards to websites that i just did not know. i did not feel comfortable with that and to me it did not seem like what bitcoin was all about. so, at the end of a number of different attempts, through a number of different websites, i finally got max to sort out one for me and i bought it this morning for him, $800 in cash, which is a present -- pretty decent price right now. >> what did you buy with it? actually bought three pizzas here for people around the office. it was a pretty easy transaction. i got more pizza than i ordered in the first place. i have more than one of my wallet now, because so many people have seen what they are doing here and they have just sent in what they call tips in this community. three dollars, two dollars, one dollar 50 cents. all of the tips they have sent in have added up to more than the pizza cost, w
Dec 10, 2013 2:00pm EST
background she has the engineering background, she is well-educated, and more importantly she is a great team player. this is a good news for general motors to pick her area she is best to pick her. i am really proud of her accomplishments. this is great news for her and really for the industry. >> i want to pick up on something that matt actually told me, which is one of her views is she is going to make management and the management team more streamlined. is that with the industry needs right now? >> yeah, there are still bureaucracy in any pinnie at any company. she is already looked at doing that based on how she is structuring the organization. is ake layers out and she great people person. get down to the rank and file where it all happens, she is a great operations executive and has surrounded herself with great financial people. gm has got a great team now. >> we are looking at her resume here, and she started working at the plant at 18. she got her mba at stanford. people think of her as a human resources person but she really just sort of got that role when she was runnin
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2